@workoutbean Morning Shoot

SO happy to say ... HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE-- it for sure has been one heck of a week... a long but incredibly productive one! 

The other morning I got to shoot the beautiful Jera- creator of the infamous @workoutbean, an Adidas Ambassador, and Soul Cycle instructor in training! 

It was an early morning filled with so much happiness, good vibes, and positivity. I've wanted to dabble in the athletic blog world for a while now-- being active and living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. So to be able to incorporate that into my photography is super exciting!

Jera was such a warm hearted and down to earth soul-- she is filled with so much life and excitement and was so incredible to work with!

I am super excited to continue working with her and improving my technique on photographing a subject that is moving.  

Hope y'all had a wonderful week and cheers to the weekend! 



Colorado Lovin' 2016

My Aunt (aka my mother's identical twin!!) got married the other week in Colorado! This was so exciting for so many reasons:

1. I LOVE weddings and this was only my second wedding I've ever been too

2. This is the first time my extended family has gotten together in about 7 years (crazy!!)

3. The wedding took place in Colorado ... during the fall season (Colorado is one of the most magical places in the world... but to visit Colorado during its fall foliage and when all the aspens are transforming into beautiful golden gems.. AH it is a photographers dream) 

It was a trip that was definitely too short but it was a trip that filled my heart with so much joy and love. Will be back to Colorado soon! :)

Happy Monday!


The Wild Sons

I've been absolutely terrible with updating my blog... so sorry about that folks! I will be better, I promise!

SO -- here is a little update to what I have been up to: 

Had such a wonderful afternoon shooting for The Wild Son restaurant located in Chelsea a couple of weeks ago. They are a beautiful little restaurant that used to serve only breakfast and lunch -- but i had the privilege to shoot their new dinner menu and cocktails! And let me tell you... they were some of the most beautiful and DELICIOUS dishes I've ever seen. 

If you are in the area definitely stop by for a meal.

Happy Sunday everyone! 



Hey Y'all!

Hey there!

Welcome the newest addition to my website... my blogging section! woohoo!!

As a way to keep me inspired and motivated and not fall into an artist slump... (also to keep everyone updated with projects i've been working on or maybe just the breakfast i ate that morning) i've decided to make a weekly blog post! 

And since i've procrastinated so long with this blog-- i have a lot of updates for you guys! 

So without further a dooo, my first post will be showcasing an ice cream shoot I did for the lovely french café Maman (http://www.mamannyc.com/) -- this was definitely one the fastest, messiest, and yummiest shoots I've done to date! 

Hope you guys don't get too hungry -- will post again soon! 

Stay cool people!