California Dreams

Howdy howdy!

This summer i took several trips (and have not posted anything about them... dang procrastination!)

SO here i am ... almost hitting the month of November (what?! how did that happen) and realizing how I have not done any blog posts I had planned on writing.. so here it goes, just jumping into one!

One of my favorite trips I took this summer was flying across the country to California with a very wonderful human being (Ryan Tutton) !! WOOO. 

I had never really experienced California or understood the whole hype about the West Coast-- but after spending a week waking up to beautiful sunshine, eating the freshest of fruits, and cooling off on some of the most beautiful beaches... I definitely understand why people dream of living there. 
I was definitely in a wonderland.

Our trip consisted of morning walks around the West Hollywood neighborhoods (drooling over all of the adorable houses), sweaty sunset hikes and then cooling off in the refreshing ocean water, eatings... lots of eating... exploring the art and all the lovely colors of California. We were able to smoosh so much into our trip it was incredible ! But there is still so much of California i want to explore... Guess I must take another trip out there soon! ;) 

Here you can enjoy a little preview of my trip and hopefully it will not be my last post about my travels to California!